I once knew a thing, its name started with an E. 
It was ugly, and short as one can be.
Its forehead was big and its face was a blur. 
Its eyes were stingy, and if you want to know the truth.
This thing was the creepiest organism i had ever knew.
A stalker and loser for never leaving my life when i wanted it gone.
Make friends with my friends to always be around me secretly.
I see through the eyes of the weak, the pretentious, and meek.
I see fear, anger, and loneliness. Whatever the heart my speak.
But through arrogance and ignorance, this E was truly so bleak.  



good for her 

fucking can not wait to blaze this friday holy shit. been like 8 months 

ordering milkshakes at a pizza joint like i dun give 2 fucks of the 10 people behind me in the line with only one worker. 5 mins to prepare LOL 

S3RL - Feel The Melody



S3rl c: 

Feel The Melody



I’ve never drawn Yoda before. lol or any Star Wars fanart for that matter. hahha